Enschede has a lot of associations. Student associations are of course well-known, but there are also sports associations, cultural associations and study associations especially for students.


There are 36 sports associations and 20 cultural associations with over 4,000 active members. Study associations are related to the different studies. At the University of Twente, every study has its own association. Saxion also has various active associations. Within every association the social character and the cosy atmosphere are very important. On top of that, every association has its own feature: active, profound, relaxed or adventurous. One thing is certain, you will find fellow students with similar interests and hobbies in every association.


Not only can you be a member of an association and visit a weekly drink, training or course, you can also be an active member and organise activities for yourself and your fellow students. There is always room to organise a rowing competition, a gala for your sports club or start your own activity committee.