Student associations

In Enschede there are plenty of possibilities to become a member of a student association. The clubs of the four student associations are situated in De Pakkerij at the Oude Markt. Every association is of a different kind, but the one thing they have in common is that having fun and making new friends is most important. Look at the website of the association that appeals to you most to find out how to become a member.



AEGEE-Enschede has 450 members and is one of the largest and most diverse student associations in Enschede. It is an open association without hazing. There is a possibility to broaden your horizon and develop yourself within the various committees. You will also be encouraged to form a year club with your friends from the new college year. If you choose AEGEE-Enschede, you will choose a relaxed, open student association with new friends in The Netherlands and abroad. AEGEE-Enschede offers local activities and the possibility to get in touch with a network of European students by means of nice trips and interesting conferences.


A.S.V. Taste

A.S.V. Taste is a general student association with about 450 members with various backgrounds. That makes A.S.V.Taste one of the largest student associations in Enschede. Typical for this association is their diversity and the enthusiasm of the members combined with a cosy atmosphere, study and self-development.

A.S.V. Taste also has a website for first-year students with information on renting a room or an apartment, BSA, student loans and other practicalities that are good to know for new students.:


C.S.V. Alpha

C.S.V. Alpha is the Christian social association in Enschede. At Alpha they think it is important to make sure that your student life is a fantastic life, to have lots of fun and to learn something outside the classroom. Alpha is a relatively small association with about 110 members where everyone knows each another. The Christian faith is important and that shows in their activities and in the atmosphere within the association and their club. Their slogan is: For those who belief in student life!


DSCC/DJCR Audentis et Virtutis

The traditional DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virtutis’,  Audentis,in short, is the oldest

Student association in Enschede. ‘Audentis et Virtutis’ means ‘for he who dares and is brave’ and that is how you can describe the members. In the first year, you form a year club with other students from your college year, with whom you go dining and drinking. Audentis  differs from other associations by  its action competence. For example, the most famous student pub in Enschede, ‘t Gat in de Markt, is run by members of Audentis. In short, Audentis is a melting pot of students looking for relaxation, a cosy atmosphere, new contacts and self-development!


Navigators Studenten Enschede

Navigators Studenten Enschede is a Christian student association where students from the University of Twente and Saxion Enschede come together. Their slogan is: “to know Christ and make Him known” . This is combined with a student culture in a cosy association where friendship and depth are very important. NSE is part of the nationwide Navigators Student associations and has 14 other associations throughout The Netherlands. The meetings on Tuesday evenings are unique. The members meet during a meal, there is worship, they listen to a speaker and afterwards the bar is opened for a drink. Once every two weeks they have ‘kring’(circle), sometimes with a meeting evening. Then they come together in a small group to study The Bible, build their faith, relax and find depth. There are many  more activities like the diesgala, outreaches, a poker tournament, (lift)weekends, cabaret evenings. You are always welcome to try the atmosphere.



The RSK is a Christian student association where depth and a cosy atmosphere are important. They are a special member of Ichthus ( a national association), but they also have contacts with C.S.F.R. This shows the diversity of RSK and their various backgrounds. Yet, they believe in the same God, who connects them and who makes unity through diversity possible. You will notice this during the cosy weekends, long (or short) drinks at RSK houses, association meals (sometimes with a lecture, a game night, a sing along or an open activity with fellow students), but mostly during the weekly ‘kringavond’ (circle night), the most important activity of the RSK.



Vereniging van Gereformeerde Studenten in Twente is  a close and active association of about 90 HBO and WO-students. Their goal is to give student life a Christian content. In  practice it means that once every two weeks they do Bible studies, have lectures , give lectures and study various topics in groups. However, the weekly meetings in pub De Pijp show that they are not  serious all the time; here you can enjoy conversations on faith, society or studies, enjoy humorous actions or simply enjoy the cosy atmosphere and the people , while having a beer or soft drink.