Behind the scenes with Babs

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Behind the scenes

Hi! My name is Babs. I am a third year student Media Music at the conservatory ArtEZ in Enschede. I am an artist and producer and I love to make music and to write my own music. I am one of the few women on this course and I just released my third single! A track about the corona situation, but in an optimistic way. In this blog, I will take you behind the scenes in my life as a student in Enschede.

Behind the scenes with Babs

About Babs

I am Babs, I create and produce music at my course as producer at ArtEZ Conservatory of the Arts. I study Media Music. I already released three singles! My third single was just released and I created it to have some positivity in times of corona. I want people to think like "this period is not the nicest period of time, but there is still space for optimism if you ask me". I am releasing singles with the help of the BurgerBeurs. That is a scholarship I got and I am very proud of that. With this scholarship, you get money for a year to support for your training and music plans.

If you hear a song on the radio of Lady Gaga, you mainly hear the singer. But still, you notice the music that is there. Often, it looks like the singer has created the song, but the producer has a major role in this as well. The producer puts the song together from beginning to end. Actually, that person makes sure the song is ready to be played on the radio.

My course is super diverse! I don't even know how to describe one day at the conservatory. We also have theoretical classes, such as music history, technical aspects of sound, music business and economics, but also a lot of creative classes where you get to put together songs. You can rent some gear from ArtEZ to take home, but I have my little studio at home. I actually always have the opportunity to make music, as long as I have my laptop with me.

In Enschede I often live in a music bubble

Ever since I started studying at the conservatory, I started to live in a music bubble. The conservatory is small and everybody knows each other. You really notice that amongst student lots of music jargon is being used. We even have musical inside jokes. Whenever I go out in the city, I talk to other people and I really have to switch back to normal.

I chose for Enschede because of my studies. I have to be honest, I didn't know much about Enschede before coming here. I am from the western part of the Netherlands, Leiden, and Enschede was pretty far away. I am so happy that I chose for Enschede and ArtEZ. It is a real close family. In Enschede, as one of the few places in the Netherlands, there was a stuy for producing. There are many conservatories where you can study singing or piano, but not really producing or composing music. That is every unique!

Babs Bruno Abspoel

Babs Schutte

Outside my comfort zone

Once I started my studies, I thought 'actually it would be good to go outside my comfort zone and music bubble'. To meet other people. That's why I started playing soccer at an assocation at the University of Twente. I suddenly had to cycle all the way to the campus, where I usually never am, but that is how you get to know other people that do something completely different. Finally I am not talking about music scales, haha. I remember that I was in contact with another student that studies technical medice. That was so interesting for me to talk about.

Besides playing soccer, I am part of student assocation AEGEE. It is an open association, so there are no obligations, such as an "ontgroening". You do not have to meet weekly appointments, it is a matter of what you want to do. That is how I became part of female fraternity QUENOUILLE. At AEGEE and QUENOUILLE I talk to many people that have different passions. For example at QUENOUILLE, we have always one thing in common: we are creative, outspoken, crazy and activist.

Like they say: sometimes you will have unity by diversity. You might be completely different, but still can be a good match. I am one of the few female at my studies, so at AEGEE and QUENOUILLE it is also nice to get out of this "man" world.

Associations are not really my thing, right?

What I enjoy about Enschede is that there is so much to do besides studying. That is the part that makes student life fun. First I thought, an association, that is not really my thing.. But then, you join and you get to know so many people. At the conservatory, I am constantly working with music. When I wake up with it and when I go to sleep I still think about music. Sometimes it is actually good to do something else. By being involved in association life, I meet people that don't have anything with music and I love that.

I know other cities have assocations too, but still I think that is the power of Enschede. The city is small, you find everything closeby. Whenever I go home to Leiden, I notice I always have a lot of travelling time there. Everthing is so far away. In Enschede you will find everything at the Oude Markt; bars, parties, games and drinks.


If I have to describe my student time in three words, these are the words.

Adventure, because everything was new here. Far away from normal live, a real adventure in the beginning. You live on your own, you are being independent, in a new city, trying new things. If I think about my adventures, I think about the first nights in the pub with just a bit too much to drink. I think those night adventures are the most valuable in student times, right?

Student life can be a hustle as well. That is why I chose that word. It is a lot to study, being active in an association, being part of a sports club etc. I don't think there is any student that has a very calm life.

I think "Gezelligheid" or cosiness will speak for itself. You just get to know so many different types of people, that really makes student life fun.

Having dinner at Het Paradijs

If I have to name one hotspot in Enschede, it would be Het Paradijs. This is just such a cool place. It is like a jungle. So special and so nicely decorated! The food is amazing. I definitely think it is a special place.


My advice to other students is: try everything! Your student time is one of those times that you can try whatever you want. Experiment and find yourself. Most students are not yet adults and in this period of life it is all about discovering and mostly: just doint it. Join that association, look for clubs and step out of your comfort zone.

Pandemiemoe final Niek Doup

Pandemiemoe Babs Schutte

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