Behind the Scenes with Thomas

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Behind the scenes

My name is Thomas and I study Creative Media and Game Technologies at Saxion.


Why did you choose Enschede as a student city?
I come from Deventer and for my new study I had several places to study at. For me, Enschede was the closest by. So it was really clear to me that I would make a choice solely for the study programme. A large part of my family comes from Enschede, so I already knew the city a bit.

What activities do you undertake in addition to your studies?
I am part of the LiNK study association. We have weekly drinks with the association. Through my contacts within the association I also got a part-time job at bar Update. That is the student bar in Enschede, only for students. I work there 2-3 times a week as a bartender.

I also do E-Sports. The E-Sports Team Twente is a student initiative that the university has helped to set up. You do the "standard" things like the Dutch tournaments and FIFA, but you also get many other tasks, such as data analysis, management, social media. For example, we look at how you can improve based on the choices you make in the game. But even if you are good at graphic design, you can help design logos and expressions. There will even be an E-Sports lounge in Enschede. A space to train, encourage other players and to talk to each other.

What do you like most about student life in Enschede and why?
What I like most is that you have the feeling that you know everyone. It doesn't matter what you do or who you are here. I'm really getting a bit of a "tukker" [local name for residents of the region of Twente] feeling here.

If you had to describe your student days in Enschede in three words, which three words would they be?

Enschede has a lot of fun activities, but you have to make an effort to research it. For example E-sports, that is something unique. There is always something in the city that fits your interests.

What is your favorite hot spot in Enschede?
Of course I can't say anything other than Bar Update, haha. When I'm not working, I'll be there myself. It really is the student place of Enschede.

If you could give a tip to prospective students, what would it be?
Make sure you make an effort to find something that fits you. That takes a lot of time, but the possibilities are massive in Enschede. Don't give up!