The 12 best study spots in Enschede

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Bo Verhoef


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Studying at home or at the library from your university can be nice, but sometimes you are just looking for a spot to work on your computer or to study for exams. Good news! There are many spots in Enschede where you can study. Nice chairs, free WiFi, a plug for your computer or phone chargers and a menu full of good food and drinks.

Study spots in Enschede

Library Enschede + STOET

If you are looking for a silent working spot, you should go to the Enschede Library. The library is a perfect spot to take some time for yourself and to focus completely. When you are ready for a break, you only need to pack your stuff and move to one of the tables at STOET. STOET is a popular place in the city centre to work or study. Next to that, it has an amazing menu with sandwiches, salades, soups, bowls and pancakes.

Twentsche Foodhal

This location is not in the city centre and probably not the first place you will think of when you are looking for a place to study. From Thursdaynight - Sunday, the Twentsche Foodhal is the location for food and drinks in tapas style.

Nevertheless is the Foodhal opened every day from 09:00 - 17:00 for everyone who would like to study or work. There are many charging points and between 11:30 - 14:30 you can order yourself a delicious lunch.

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans was my first study spot outside my own home. The relaxing atmosphere and the good dishes on the menu made sure that I was able to study all day long. Take a seat at the big table in the back or pick one of my favourite seats: a spot at the window. It is always nice to see what is happening outside during the day.

Studieplekken in Enschede

Coffee Fellows and Doppio Espresso

Are you in a project group or do you have a meeting with someone? Take a seat at Coffee Fellows or Doppio Espresso. When the weather is good, there is space at the terraces outside, and if not, you can easily drink a cup of coffee at the bar. Just good places for good coffee!

Museum caf├ęs

Try the museum cafes if you are looking for an inspiring location! At the cafes in De Museumfabriek or Rijksmuseum Twenthe, you have free WiFi and a great menu. When you show your student card, you will even be able to visit the museum for free!

The best combination of working and culture.


Wallstreet is a special study space from the University of Twente, De Veste and the Student Union. This is the spot to study in peace. It is has long opening hours and is located in the city centre. There is no option to order food, but there is a good old coffee machine.
Out of money? This place will keep you focused on your studies instead of food and drinks.

Studieplekken in Enschede

Meisje Koffiegeschenk

Are you productive in the morning? This hotspot opens its doors every day at 08:00 am! In 2019, Meisje was announced to be the best coffee spot of Enschede. The menu is filled with dishes, all with a Twentse or Indonesian twist. Just to try something different!

Moeke, SamSam and Bij Flip

These three spots are known as places to have dinner. However, try visit them as a place to study or work at.
All places are cozy and laid-back. At SamSam you could always stay and go to the movies at Concordia.
Moeke, SamSam and Eetcafe bij Flip all offer lunch and dinner with plenty of choices!

Heel Bijzonder

We will finish with a special place. At Heel Bijzonder you will served by people who have a distance to the labour market. By working at the cafe, they will receive all the necessary support and training to be able to apply for a regular job in the future. By studying at this hotspot, you will not only help yourself by getting a high grade, you will also support others.

A fun fact: everything inside the store is for sale: from furniture to accesories. Besides that, there is the only cookie-dough bar in the region. You will be at the right place to order the best sweets and cakes! You have been warned.