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There is no way to celebrate New Year's Eve without oliebollen! In this blog you will read where to buy them in Enschede.


Christmas has passed and we are looking forward to New Year's Eve. We hoped it would look a lot different, but it's time to make our own party. Not with many people, but with plenty of food! And how to celebrate New Year's Eve? With oliebollen of course! I will help you out by telling you where to buy them in Enschede this year!

The oliebollen stand

The real classic way to buy oliebollen: at the food stands at the streets. A fresh oliebol with some powdered sugar might be the best one to buy. There are several stands where you can buy them in Enschede. The "Hollandse Gebakkraam" is located at the Langstraat in the city centre. The Brunselaar family is located at the station square. At the parking lots of Miro Center and Intratuin you will find the oliebollen stands of Van Raay.

Bollen van Nollen

Bakkerij Nollen is a famous bakery name in Enschede. This year you can buy oliebollen, order them and even get them delivered. A part of the profit will go to charity. For more information, visit the special Bollen van Nollen page.

Oliebollen from Punto Pasta

This time of the year, Punto Pasta is all about oliebollen. You can order them from the 29th of December until the 31st of December. It is possible to order in advance, by visiting the shop or ordering online through this special website.

OlieBierBollen from De Beiaard

At De Beiaard they sell "OlieBierBollen" - oliebollen with beer! I expect them to be a bit more savoury than the regular oliebollen. But there is only one way to find out... You can order them through [email protected] or by phone +31 53 430 6267. For more information, visit their Facebookpage.

Oliebollen from Café Rocks home delivery

At Café Rocks you can order freshly baked oliebollen and they will be delivered at home (in Enschede). Just one more question: plain, raisins or mixed? For more information, visit the Facebookpage.

Enjoy New Year's Eve and let's hope for a healthy 2021!