Celebrate summer in Enschede!

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Discover Enschede

It's summer! Thé season of bright blue skies, ice cold cocktails and summer nights. From the 6th of July until the 23rd of August it is tropical in Enschede. Are you in Enschede this summer holiday?

Van der Poel Enschede

1. Get your summer feeling with the decorations from "Celebrate the summer in Enschede"

From the 6th of July until the 23rd of august you can celebrate holiday in the city with "Celebrate the summer in Enschede". The streets are decorated with summer items to make it even more fun to be in the city centre!

This summer, we have paid some extra attention to the city centre. Umbrellas, sand and more colorful decorations will bring you to the summer vibe you need!
Take some drinks or lunch at the Oude Markt and your day will be fantastic.

At three locations, you will find big art objects made by artist Jelle de Graaf. You won't miss the six-meter-high flamingo, colourful bee and iron bird! Great for a selfie!

Celebrate the Summer in Enschede

Celebrate the summer in Enschede

Kunstobject Jelle de Graaf

Jelle de Graaf's art objects

2. Visit one of the hidden courtyards

One of the best kept secrets of Enschede are hidden courtyards where you can have a nice drink or good food. Bardot has a beautiful theatre garden, Stanislaus owns a Sjikkertuin, Oaks Gastrobar offers sharing dinner in the courtyard and at Het Paradijs it will feel like you walk straight into nature. Finally, Light of India might even be the best kept secret. At their court yard you can enjoy a-la-carte Indian food.

Bardot Enschede


Sjikkertuin Stanislaus Brewskovitch Enschede


Het Paradijs Enschede

Het Paradijs

Oaks Gastrobar Enschede

Oaks Gastrobar

3. It's sushi time!

Did you know there are plenty of restaurants to eat sushi at in Enschede? From luxury dining to all-you-can-eat, where you can enjoy unlimited sushi for two to three hours. For luxury dining go to Japanese restaurant TAO. Blue Sakura, Yuzu Asian Grandcafé, Asaka and Ginza Sushi & Grill offer the all-you-can-eat concept. Asian Taste holds a menu with all types of Asian delicacies and Wokrestaurant Sensazia is known for stir fry Asian meals.

Yuzu Sushi Enschede
Sushi Restaurant In Enschede

4. Cocktails

Ice cold summer (virgin) cocktails are very important for summer nights. La Cubanita at the Oude Markt offers a broad selection of cocktails - 18 to be specific! And the good news is: they are only 5 euros! At Fellini, go for a typical Italian Scroppino, Limoncello Spritz or try a cocktail tasting. With more than 50 cocktails on their menu, Copacabana is definitely the place to be for cocktails! Enjoy a classic caipirinha or something more exentric, such as beer cocktails. Finally, Humphreys has the perfect location to be at the terrace all day, with a watermelon licor or Limoncello.

Whatever you will choose: cheers to an amazing summer!

5. Cool down at Rutbeek

Big green lawns, a sandy beach and refreshing water is waiting for you. For swimmers there is a specific swimming area. Canoeists, surfers, divers or naturists can visit the lake at the designated areas. If you are up for something more active, join the waterski centre and climbing area.

A perfect location to cool down!

Wakeboarden in Enschede