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From home

Are you looking for online activities to do at home? With this list you will have fun with friends, roommates or classmates for sure!

Online uitjes en activiteiten Enschede

As we all know, the weeks are passing by without any physical activities. Many locations are closed, most events are cancelled and you cannot meet other people.
But did you know there are many online activities in Enschede you can participate in? Think about online pubquizzes, escape rooms, bingo's and games. Plenty of choice!

Online escape rooms

Escape rooms are a lot of fun for everyone who is interested in puzzles. Usually, you can go into an escape room in Enschede. But no worrie: there are online escape rooms! Everyone can join from their own home.

Let's Escape offers a fun online escape room (De Erfenis) where you will taken into the story of Freule Van Hier tot Ginther and her house robot Gregg. Read more about this escape room here.

At Tetem you can join another online escape room from the 11th of March: I want to delete it all, but not now. In this escape room you will be the private detective searching for answers behind the missing Rosa. During the search you will be confronted with personal choices about aspects such as online addiction, privacy and responsibility. You can already reserve a spot for when the escape room is launched!!

Online pubquiz

A quiz on a distance can be fun! Mostly when you have different kind of people in one group. A great way to test your knowledge!

Let's Quiz, known from Eetcafé Bij Flip, offers an online live quiz every Saturday. The quiz lasts for two hours, there are different rounds and everything will be on livestream! You can join for free, but it is always good to support the organisation with a small gift.

Café de Pimpelaar organises an een online pubquiz every Wednesday night. A fun activity during the week.

Online bingo

Not only escape rooms and pubquizzes are fun to do at a distance, but a bingo is as well!

Let's Quiz offers fun music bingo's every once in a while (check out their Facebook and our agenda). Besides, VroegZat organises a livestream bingo including the good old classics every once in a while. So much fun!

Playing games

I personally love board games and have many of them at home. Did you know you can play board games together online? How it works?

Make sure you have the same game at home. If you don't have the game yet, go to Comicasa to buy one! Games that work playing simultaneously are Qqixx, Clever, Keer op Keer and 30 seconds. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de spellen Qwixx, Keer op Keer of Clever. Have fun!

Online parties

Next to all the fun games organized online, there are many livestream parties organized. From student assocations to student houses, you will see them coming by!

Reorganize your living room into a dancefloor and enjoy the beats!

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