How you will celebrate Kingsdag 2020 at home

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From home

With these activities you will still have an orange party on the 26th and 27th of April!

Koningsnacht en Koningsdag Enschede

Kingsnight and Kingsday in Enschede look a bit different this year. Normally, the Netherlands and Enschede are filled with festivals, flea markets and much more! But good news: that doesn't mean you are not able to celebrate the King's birthday from home.

We have collected various tips for you, enjoy!

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Celebrate the King's birthday with the rest of the country

The programme

The Oranjebond offers an alternative programme for Kingsday this year:

  • 06:19 - From sunrise, everyone can hang the flag and pennant outside their house
  • 09:45 - Everywhere in the Netherlands, the clocks and bells will ring
  • 10:00 - The Netherlands will sing the national anthem: Wilhelmus
  • 10:10 - Television channel NOS will broadcoast a special retrospect on the previous Kingsday's from the past years
  • 15:00 - Throughout the Netherlands musicians will perform solo-performances for the elderly
  • 16:00 - Everyone will raise a glass to the king with the National Toast
  • 19:00 - Television channel NOS will broadcast a special about Kingsday during the coronacrisis
Hang de vlag uit Koningsdag Enschede

Complete your day with food and drinks

"Bagel Happen"

One of the most famous Dutch activities on Kingsday is "koekhappen". With this game, a soft cookie such as ontbijtkoek (or another soft delicacy) is attached on a thread and the players have to try to bite it off the thread by keeping their hands behind their backs.

Bagels & Beans now offers a new version: bagel happen! You can pick up a do-it-yourself package for a real game of bagel happen. Do you accept the challenge? You can also order an orange-at-home menu. You can order both at the website.

Food boxes

Support locals Twente is offering grocery boxes with products from the region. For Kingsday, they have a special edition in two options. Prepare a Kingsmeal with the ingredients from the box or order a sweets and bubbling box for food with some matching wines and beers!

Orange beer

On Kingsday you will drink orange beer right? Jongbloed offers delicious blond beers in an orange look! You can order them through the webshop. Delivery is expected right before Kingsday. You can pick up the beers at the safe drive-thru on the Marthalaan. For more information take a look at the Facebookpage.

Orange Velvet Cake

On Kingsday, you can actually get Orange Velvet Cake instead of Red Velvet Cake at Mrs. Brown! Besides, Mrs. Brown sells all kinds of orange sweets, such as tompouce, cheesecakes, orange cookies and much more! Order through the website. Mrs. Brown is opened on Sunday and Monday from 10:00 - 14:00.

Kingsday Menu

Bistro C'est Si Bon offers a special Kingsday menu at home. Quick and easy; you will have a three-course dinner within 15 minutes. Take a look at the Facebookpage for the menu. To order the Kingsday special, send an email to [email protected] or call 053-4310928.

Borrelbox Koningsdag Enschede
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