What do you need to prepare before living on your own?

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Student life

You are probably super excited to become part of student live in Enschede. We have collected some items for you to be prepared for your stay in the Netherlands!

Living on your own in Enschede

Next to these items, make sure you to read everything you need to know from the International Office at your future institution! The items below only function as a basic guideline.

Read your rental contract well

Rental contracts are not always easy to read, we agree. It is often written in difficult terms and it is not really interesting. Thus, it is very important to read it well. You do not want to sign for anything you don’t know about. Ask someone for help if you cannot read it well. When you rent a room or apartment, you often have to pay a deposit. You will have to pay this in the first month, together with your first month of rent. After leaving your room in the right condition, it will be paid back.

Enroll at the Municipality Enschede and look for a dentist or general practitioner

When you will live in Enschede, it will be important to have your visa ready and to enroll at the Municipality Enschede. It will also be important to have a dentist and GP to go to when you need to have one.

Arrange insurances

If you do not have any insurances yet, you will have to do some research on what you need to arrange here in the Netherlands. Think about cases such as damage to others (liability) or holding valuable items inside your home.

Unexpected costs

Unfortunately, your monthly costs will not only consist of the rental price of your room. You will have to take into account you might need to pay for electricity, water and internet costs, depending on the contract you have with your landlord. There will be bills coming in from the Dutch Tax Authorities as well, as you have to pay for water and waste taxes. Some rooms do not have any furniture inside, which you have to pay for yourself as well. Finally, it might occur that something breaks down in the apartment and you have to pay to fix it, together with your housemates. Be prepared and make sure you will have some savings in these situations.

Supermarket Enschede

Grocery shopping in the Netherlands can be expensive

It might seem easy: as soon as your groceries are finished, you will get new ones. Put in the basket in the supermarket, pay for it and there it is! In the beginning of your student time here, you will find out this is not as easy as it seems. Grocery shopping in the Netherlands can be relatively expensive. Suddenly you have to stick to a budget. No worries: after a while you will know exactly what the special offers are in the supermarket or the market and how to combine necessary items with the tasty ones.

You are responsible for everything yourself

It will feel strange at first that there is nobody who will help you remember things, such as family birthdays, setting your alarm for an exam or having the right groceries at home. Having clean clothers and cleaning your room now really is your responsibility.