Special walking routes in and around Enschede

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Are you looking for a special place to go for a walk in and around Enschede? I collected the most surprising routes and some non familiar areas for you!

Flamingo flamingoroute

Do you know the city parks of Enschede by hart, or are you looking for something different than Het Rutbeek or Hof Espelo? Even though they are beautiful, some variation is nice. That's why I collected some surprising routes and natural areas for a hike in and around Enschede in this blog. How many of them did you know?

The flamingo route

Believe it or not, but accross the border in Germany, in the Aamsveen, you can visit a flamingo colony. This is the most northern colony of Europe in the wild! Every year around March they arrive on their flamingo eiland in the German city Zwillbrock (around 30 km from Enschede) and they stay until the end of the summer.

To take a look at them, take your binoculars! During the walking route, you will find some watchtowers, shelters and impressive bird watching huts with information. The natural area Aamsveen is partially located in the Netherlands and partially in Germany (Amtsvenn-H├╝ndfelder Moor). The whole flamingo route is 450 km, but of course you can join only a small part of it. For more information about the flamingo route, visit the website.

Flamingo flamingoroute

Flamingo Route

Het Kristalbad

Between Enschede and Hengelo there is Kristalbad. This is not just a fun area to visit, but it also has a function. Excessive water is being collected here from the sewage treatment plant in Enschede. To bring "life" to the pured water there is a construction with different compartiments. It is fun to have a close look at it! There are several hiking and cycling paths and to watchtowers of 10 meters high to climb. On the water, there is a boardwalk. Read more about the Kristalbad here.

Airport Twenthe

Natural area Vliegveld Twenthe is quite known by most people in Enschede. Thus, it is definitely worth the visit! There are bunkers, historical military objects and airplanes to look at. For a great view, you climb the 13 meter high watchtower. The watchtower is now located on the spot where the control tower used to be. Airport Twenthe is a 20 minute bike ride from the city centre of Enschede. You can park your bike or car behind Restaurant Marcook and 't Wijntjesbos. You can also take the bus from Enschede central station to Lonneker, from where it is a 30-minute walk to Airport Twenthe.

Airport Twenthe

Airport Twenthe

Het Buursermeertje

This is a lovely spot on a sunny day. Bring your picknick, some drinks and enjoy! Het Buursermeertje is part of nature reserve Buurserzand in Haaksbergen. The area is super diverse and it is super easy to spend the whole afternoon in the park. It is a 37-minute bike ride from the city centre of Enschede and you can park your bike (or car) at parking place Molenbelt. Visit the website for more information.

The campus of the University of Twente

Did you know that there is an art- and architecture walking route at the University of Twente campus? It is a one-hour walk accross the green campus and you will be surprised about the architecture and art designs! Something fun and something different!

University of Twente campus

University of Twente Campus