Studying in Enschede is King!

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Welcome to the new website made by and for students in Enschede!


On Kingsday 2020 we launched the new Study in Enschede website. But who are we and why did we launch Study in Enschede?

TADAA: Here we are!

Study in Enschede will be the website where you can find everything about studying in Enschede, collected from different sources. We would like to get as much information as possible from students, so please feel free to send us messages with new information anytime you want. Did you receive a cool award? Are you part of an association and would you like to show others how a typical day looks like? Do you have a nice news item that the rest of the students in Enschede should read as well? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!

Study in Enschede is King, also during the coronacrisis!

As we are in the middle of the coronacrisis, you might think “what is there to do in the city centre?”. Despite the closure of stores, cafes and restaurants, there are many good initiatives set up to help you through this crisis.

On our Instagram page we have started to highlight some initiatives of students who are putting their best effort in helping others. And of course, we have also collected some good stories and blog articles for you with tips for the corona crisis. Would you be up for a quiz or a party, then you should definitely check out our agenda. Here we will keep you updated about the newest events from home and livestreams! So one thing is for sure: you do not have to be bored yet.

Kingsday 2020

On the 27th of April, it is Kingsday, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau. Usually, this is big partytime for all dutchies. Many people go to festivals, flea markets and music events. Unfortunately, this will not be the case this year. So, what should you do on Kingsday this year? Maybe we could help you out with our blog: “How you will celebrate Kingsday 2020 at home”.

Orange velvet taart Enschede Koningsdag

Enschede Promotie

Study in Enschede is part of Enschede Promotie, the citymarketing organization of Enschede. You might know us from a previous version of the website ( or our sister website Uit in Enschede. In September last year, we have started the research “What do you think about Enschede”. As you might have read before, the region of Twente is trying their best to attract and to retain students in the region. From research, it became clear that there is a necessity for one central information point where all information about living, working, studying and of course free time/leisure is collected. You told us there were many useful platforms and website, but the overview gets a bit lost sometimes. Take a look at the research results in this factsheet.

Contact us!

Do you have anything to add, suggestions or comments? Please let us know by using the contact form or contact us on our Instagram page!

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