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From home

Let's support the local entrepreneurs once again in this difficult period of time!

Tapas in Enschede

There are plenty of restaurants in Enschede where you can order take-away. As all restaurants had to close again from the 14th of October 22:00 caused by the corona measures, several restaurants have set up promotions which you can support.

We have collected them for you in this blogpost. This way, you will be able to enjoy a good meal at home and at the same you will support local entrepreneurs in this difficult period of time.

This list will be updated regularly.


Pinto Thai

For all our Thai lovers - Pinto Thai is open for take-away from Tuesday until Sunday between 17:00 - 20:00. Find the menu on the website and order by phone (+31 537858728).


Do you prefer sushi or other Asian dishes? At Yuzu you can order for take-away. This is possible at the website.


Tao has opened their take-out agian from Wednesday until Sunday between 15:00-21:00. You can order at the website. For sushi lovers: not sure what to choose? You can order a Tao's Choice Menu. It is a 3-course menu.


Ginza Sushi is ready to serve you dishes every day from 17:00. The take-away menu can be found on the website. You can order by phone (+53-5748354). I fyou pick up your order at the restaurant, you will get a 20% discount!


Are you into good curries? Order a curry at Aroy-D. They deliver their meals, but take-away is also possible. You can order by calling +3153-2302090 or at the website.

Tentje Teman2

From Wedsneday - Sunday from 16:30 - 19:30 you can order Turkish and Indonesian specialties for take-away at Tentje Teman2. The menu can be found at the website

Spice King India

The brand new Indian restaurant Spice King India is now open for take-away! Take look at the website for the menu and order online! They are open from Tuesday - Sunday.


From Wednesday until Sunday between 16:00 - 21:45 you can order and pick up at Habibi. Order at the website or by phone (+53-4328444).

Light of India

At the recently opened Light of India you can also order Indian dishes for take-away or delivery. Take a look at the website for the menu. You can order from Wednesday - Sunday by phone (+31 6-30767921).

Ameera's Kitchen

In Mystiek Theater is Ameera's Kitchen. It is possible now to order Asian dishes there! Have it delivered or pick it up on Monday untill Friday. Click here for more information.

Banh Mi & Friends

Do you already know Banh Mi & Friends? They once started with making Vietnamese sandwiches, but have now have a lot more Asian dishes to offer! You can order every Monday until Thrusday between 17:00-20:00 at the website. You can order in advance!


Mazza is open for delivery and take-away of the most delicious Libanese dishes. Take a look at the website for the menu.

Sushi Restaurant In Enschede

Sushi in Enschede



Delicious pasta and other Italian dishes are there to order at Verso. They are open for take-away or delivery on Tuesday - Sunday between 17:00 - 20:00. Take a look at the menu on the website.


Sorrentino is open for delivery and take-away. Take a look at the menu on the website. You can order by phone (+31 53-7505166).


Endless choices of pizza's and pasta at puntoPASTA. It is possible to order every day by phone (+53-4321224).

La Candela

For good pizza and other Italian dishes, you can go to La Candela! Take a look at the website for the menu. You can order by phone (+31 53-4310917).


Fast, delicious and easy: NOVI a casa. You can now prepare you own fresh pasta from NOVI in your kitchen! You can take-away the pasta boxes from Tuesday untill Sunday between 16:00 to 21:00. It is possible to order it for delivery. Take a look at the website for more information.

Tapas & sharing


Through Paddy's online ordering system you can order your favourite tapas dishes, salads and snack to enjoy at home. Take a look at the menu on the website.

Los Sueños

Los Sueños is a Spanish restaurants that delivers the best paella or tapas. You can choose from four different types of paella or tapas from a special menu. It is possible to order at the website. Food is delivered from Monday - Sunday between 17:00 - 22:00.

Gastrobar Bij Rozendaal

Gastrobar Bij Rozendaal is also ready for take-away. The "Gastrotruck" is a food truck in front of the restaurant every Thursday - Sunday from 16:00 - 19:00. You can order a high tea, snacks and other sharing dishing from Tuesday - Sunday. Bij Rozendaal also offers a 3-course menu and stews from Thursday - Sunay. It is possible to pick up your take-away or to get it delivered. You can order by phone +31 53-4807695 or through [email protected] Look at the Facebookpage for more information.

El Corru

From Wednesday - Monday between 17:00 and 22:00 you can order take-away at El Corru. For the offer, take a look at the website.


Joann now offers Joann at home. When you visit Joann on Friday and Saturday from 14:00 - 19:00 or on Sunday from 12:00 - 17:00, you can put together a snack box for at home. It is also possible to buy something from their suppliers. For more information, visit the Facebookpage.

La Cubanita

You can order tapas dishes from La Cubanita for take-away and delivery. You can order from Thursday - Sunday at the website.

De Twentsche Foodhal

The Twentsche Foodhal is closed, but some of the international cuisines offer take-away and delivery options! You can for example order the World Box to enjoy all kinds of cuisines around the world. The box is filled with ingredients of different cuisines with recipes, to prepare the dishes yourself. You will receive a bottle of wine with it. Take a look at the website.


Oaks at home. Enjoy the lovely restaurant dishes at home. You can choose from à la carte, a buffet, a sharingbox or suprisebox. Take a look at the full menu on the website. You can order from Thursday until Sunday.

The Foodclub

Order the best sushi and streetfood dishes from Aruba, the Carribean, Latin-America, Asia, Indonesia and the USA at The Foodclub. You can order every Wednesday until Sunday at website.

Tapas in Enschede

Tapas in Enschede

Let's meat

El Gaucho

If you want a good piece of meat or delicious spareribs, go to El Gaucho. It will be open for delivery and take-away. You can order at the website.

Poco Mucho

Poco Mucho holds a special take-away and delivery menu. You can order throughout the whole day by phone (+31 53-4332222 or +31 6-20308259).
Orders can be picked up from 16:00 or are delivered to your front door. Take a look at the menu on the website.

Lutscher Alm

Lutscher Alm proposed a new take-away menu. It is possible from Tuesday - Saturday between 16:30-20:30 and on Sunday between 15:00-20:30. You can order at the website.


@Marcook now offers a new take-away menu with overloaded nacho's and smokey meat dishes. Take a look at the Facebookpage for the menu. You can order at [email protected] or by phone (+31 53-4330244)

Ribhouse Texas

At Ribhouse Texas Boekelo you can order the best ribs. Ribhouse Texas is open for delivery and take-away from Wednesday until Monday from 16.00 tot 20.00. Order at the website.

Albert's Grill

At Albert's Grill you can enjoy the best chicken, ribs and curryworst every Wednesday between 11:30 and 17:45. Their stand is at the Hendrik ter Kuilestraat 23.


Bij Flip

Bij Flip has offered spareribs, schnitzels, poké bowls and salads for quite some time now. In times like these, Bij Flip loves to make food just for you. You can order dishes between 16:00 - 21:00 at this website and have take-away or delivery.

Brasserie Willemientje

Brasserie Willemientje delivers their dishes from Tuesday - Sunday to your home. You can order until 19:30. Find more information at their website or through +31 53-4301637.


Do you miss Moeke's flammkuchen, salads or burgers? Take a look at the take-away menu and order your favourite dishes!

Lovely Local

Enjoy local food and drinks every Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday at Lovely Local. Lovely Local offers take-away at the 'afhaalLokaal'. Put together your own menu with the lovely dishes from the menu. It is possible to order through WhatsApp (+31 6-83800103).

De Fusting

De Fusting is open daily from 16:30-20:00 for take-away. Take a look at the menu on the website. You can order by phone (+31 53-4304321).

Eetcafé Heer Bommel

The take-away service at Eetcafé Heer Bommel is still open. They are open on Friday - Sunday from 16:00-20:00. Take a look at the website for the menu. You can order by phone (+31 53-4352565).

De Ouwe Compagnie

De Ouwe Compagnie is also open for take-away and delivery between 14:00 - 19:30. The menu can be found on the website. You can order by phone (+31 53-4308160). When you pick up your order, you will get a 20% discount!

Sam Sam

Sam Sam's Sampot: a delicious Dutch "stamppot" that is delivered at your home address or for take-away. You can add all kind of extra's for a complete meal. Order every day at the website. You can pick up your order or get it delivered every day between 16:00 - 20:00


A real Stadsgracht experience. Order delicious dishes at the website. What about ribeye, succeed or salmon from the oven? For the ultimate experience, you can combine your order with wines and beers.


Bardot will cook for you from Thursday - Sunday. You can pick up your delivery between 13:00 - 19:00. Delivery is between 15:00 - 19:00. Take a look at the Facebookpage for the menu and more information.

Stanislaus Brewskovitch

Stanislaus Brewskovitch does not only sell good beers, but you can also order pub food online. Order it between 16:00 - 20:00 and pick it up at the pub. Of course, you shouldn't forget to take some beers with that. You can order at the website.

Het Middelpunt

Het Middelpunt offers a special take-away menu with pasta's, pizza's, fish-, grill- and meatdishes. They are open every day between 15:00 - 23:00 for take-away and delivery. On Sunday there are no deliveries. For the menu, go to the website.

Appeltjes van Oranje

Appeltjes van Oranje does not only bring you a healthy lunch or sweets. They also offer several meals. You can order every Tuesday until Saturday between 08:30-16:00. Delivery is only between 15:00-17:00. Take a look at the website for the complete offer.

Eetcafé de Buren

At Eetcafé de Buren you can also order! Easy peasy. Order by phone (+3153 4281202) from Tuesday until Snday between 10:30-20:00. Take a look here for the menu.


It is also possible to order at Humphrey’s Enschede now! You can take-away every day between 16.00 tot 21.00. Delivery is also possible. You can order through every day between 16.00 tot 21.00. Find more information on the website.

Café Sprakel

At Sprakel you can take-away for 7 days a week! Think about starters, bowls, specials, tapas, main courses, salads, french fries and more. Take a look for the menu at the website. You can order online or by phone (+53-4334340).

De Kleine Bistro

De Kleine Bistro offers the best dishes for at home. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can take-away! Order by phone +53-4785699. Take a look at the menu!

De Beiaard

At de Beiaard (through you can order dishes such as ribs and beautiful burgers. Don't forget to combine it with specialty beers!

3-course menu


Kosie has started again with [email protected], a 3-course menu at home. It will be delivered at your front door or you can pick it up. You just have to bring the finishing touch. More information will follow soon.

Sapori e Ricordi

Every week, Sapori e ricordi offers their [email protected] boxes. The boxes are filled with delicious meals and is different every week. Take look at the menu at their Facebookpage. You can order every week from Monday - Friday, and you can pick up the box on Saturday between 17:00 - 18:30. Order by e-mail, Facebook or phone (+31 53-4789526).


Experience a journey to South America with Carlina's food. The "Reis Tafel" offers dishes from all over South America. Take a look at the website for more information.


Order a homebox menu of choice at Hanninkshof. You can order the box from Thursday - Sunday. You can reserve the box by phone (+31 53-4283129) or through [email protected].


Enjoy high class dishes from Bistro en Wijnbar Bruut at home. A three-course menu or a Bruut de mer. Order at the website and pick it up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 15:30 - 18:30.

Vegan and vegetarian

Het Paradijs

Het Paradijs delivers delicious vegetarian and vegan meals from the 23rd of October! What about baklava, burrito's, quice or sweet potatoe fries? Take-away is also possible. You can order through the website.

ETN Saladebar

Every Saturday, there are two vegan take-away boxes to chose from at ETN. For delivery and take-away. Voor afhaal en om te laten bezorgen. Order online at the website.

Support local cafés and bars

  • Donate to the Wall of Jansen at Jansen en Janssen. For more information, go to the Facebookpage.
  • Help Café Rocks. Kees & Luc are offering good soups to everyone who wants to order some. For more information, go tot the Facebookpage
  • Paulina from Café Mood and Oekepoek has started a crowdfunding and auction to make sure the best spots in Enschede will survive the corona crisis. For more information, go tot the Facebookpage.
  • Café Mood has turned into a real Candy Shop! Full of wingums, cherry bonbons and other candy's. Besides, you will find beautiful candles, pillows and other things for at home.
  • Besides delicious food, Het Paradijs also offers second-hand clothing now! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can shop between 10:00 - 18:00 for second-hand womens, mens and children's clothing!
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