13 surprising terraces in Enschede

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The terraces are open again! Visiting the terraces on the Oude Markt is always a good idea, but do you already know these other surprising terraces in Enschede?

Terras Enschede // Foto: Rob Baas

We can finally go to restaurants and cafés again (on their terraces). How nice is that?! If you are already known in Enschede, then of course you know the Oude Markt. The Oude Markt is the place to be if you want to grab a bite to eat or to have a drink with friends. However, there are many surprising terraces around the Oude Markt and around the city centre to try sometime! These are my 12 tips for surprising terraces.


Peaceful and green at Loetje

Loetje Enschede has finally opened! The newest terrace in Enschede is located in our Volkspark, right outside the city centre. While you can enjoy a delicious steak, you can look out over the water and enjoy the greenery around you. Do you not only want to enjoy sandwiches, steak, and fries from Loetje on the terrace? You can also order lunch and dinner dishes for take away.

Hidden enjoyment at Twentsche Foodhal

The Twentsche Foodhal is actually always surprising. This is not only because of the different kitchens, but also because the Foodhal itself is surprising on it's own. When you walk or drive by the Performance Factory, you do not immediately realize what is inside. I would definitely recommend to make a reservation here, because their terrace is very cozy! You can order your drinks and food online with your phone. I think this works superb!

All you can eat at The Foodclub

The newest all you can eat restaurant in Enschede is finally open! Now that the terraces are open, you can enjoy unlimited street food dishes and sushi at The Foodclub for the first time since their (online) opening. The Foodclub is located slightly outside the city centre, but you can easily get there by bike or car (or can even walk up there!). Reserve a spot on their terrace and try out their menu.

A cozy secret courtyard at Heel Bijzonder

This is perhaps the most surprising terrace in Enschede: the courtyard of Heel Bijzonder. Their cozy courtyard is open from Monday to Saturday. What makes this place extra special? When you stand in front of Heel Bijzonder, you have no idea that you will find this cozy place in their garden. The people who work there are also very special. Heel Bijzonder is even the only cafe in the region with a cookie dough bar!

Twentsche Foodhal terras Enschede

An oasis of peace at Bardot

The best kept secret in the city center: the terrace of Bardot in the Theatertuin. While sitting at their terrace you have a nice view of the side of the Jacobuskerk. It really feels like a whole different place, while you're still in the city centre. A nice place if you want to go to the city, but don't want to be in the hustle and bustle. You can normally also visit the Theatertuin from the Walstraat (that is still possible), but due to the current corona rules, it is better to report to the front of Bardot.

Cozy terraces and a beautiful view of the Walstraat

One of the nicest streets in the city centre and perhaps the most cozy street in terms of terraces: De Walstraat. If you walk into the Walstraat from Van Loenshof, you'll immediately see what I mean by cozy. There are fairy lights in the beginning of the street and Mazza, Bistro Dreams and the Kleine Bistro are all waiting for you! Still, it doesn't stop there. If you walk a little further, you will arrive at Los Sueños. Their terrace overlooks the beautiful back of the Jacobuskerk (even more beautiful than the front, in my opinion). With this view and their delicious pinchos and Spanish tapas it's like you're on a little vacation.

Be surprised at Bij Rozendaal

Do you live near Roombeek or do you want to be somewhere else than in the city centre? Then Gastrobar Bij Rozendaal is a must! You will find this terrace next to the water along the Lonnekerspoorlaan, in the middle of the Roombeek district. From the terrace you have a nice view over the neighbourhood and it can be a wonderful sunny place as well. The lunch menu is full of tasty sandwiches, flammkuchen and salads. They also have a lounge menu with delicious snacks.

Something really different at Van Doorn & Doorn

Van Doorn & Doorn can also be found along the Lonnekerspoorlaan in Roombeek. Their terrace is located in the middle of a green environment, where children can play easily. They describe the menu as 'healthy food with a guilty pleasure' and nothing could be further from the truth. The menu is quite unique and different from usual. A very nice option if you are looking for a surprising terrace!

Gastrobar Bij Rozendaal terras Enschede
Van Doorn Doorn terras Enschede

Go out as it should be at Café Rocks

You may know Café Rocks from their live music evenings in the cafe, but now you can also enjoy a drink there in the afternoon. Is the weather nice? Then take a seat on their terrace on the Klokkenplas, but even when it rains you can enjoy a nice drink on their terrace in front of the cafe itself.

Discover the brand new place Foodies

A brand new addition to the city: Foodies Restaurant & Bar. You can hardly miss this terrace, right in the middle of the Stationsplein. Yet, it may not be the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for a terrace. I certainly wouldn't forget this hotspot in the future! Not only is the menu very surprising (the risotto is really delicious by the way), the prices are also very nice and they are open every day. A perfect place for a pleasant afternoon.

Neverending drinks at Stanislaus Brewskovitch

The one and only city brewery in the city centre Stanislaus Brewskovitch has its own Sjikkertuin (beer garden), where can order fine beers and other drinks all afternoon. You cannot see the Sjikkertuin from the front of the Menistenkerk and is therefore extra surprising! They also openend their Sjikkertuin on Wilminkplein for the second time in a row en they opened a pop-up cafe at Twenthe Airport: Air Stanislaus.

Balls, balls, balls at Mrs. Brown

Maybe you know Mrs. Brown from their tasty cakes, but they also have a very nice terrace on Pijpenstraat. In addition to sweets, you can also visit their terrace for brunch, lunch, high tea or drinks. Since the opening, they have even put together a homemade 'ball parade': a homemade snack platter with chili cheese bites, mac and cheese balls, arancini, mozzarella bites and their famous goat cheese bitterballen. Do I need to say more?!


Take a break at De Fusting

De Fusting at Hengelosestraat is a perfect stopover. You cannot see their terrace immediately, but it is certainly there! You will find their surprising terrace in their lovely garden. A cozy place for lunch, a cup of coffee, a drink or a snack!

Or just be a real 'Enschedeer' and take place on the Oude Markt

Of course you can still just take a seat on one of the cozy terraces on the Oude Markt. Not that surprising, but that certainly doesn't make it any less fun! I love to see the Oude Markt vibrant again because of all those full terraces. Whether you go there for lunch or a drink or just to look around (or both). You are always in the right place at the Oude Markt!

Eetcafé de Fusting Enschede

More surprising terraces?

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