The best ice cream in Enschede

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Romée Knobben


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Discover Enschede

It's summer and that means time to cool off! At these ice cream places you will find the best ice cream in Enschede.


Van der Poel

At IJssalon Van Der Poel on the Oude Markt and on the Wilminkplein, the ice cream is freshly prepared every day and you can taste it. Even the caramel in the order cookie caramel is homemade! Are you going for strawberry cheescake, tiramusi or a delicious ice cream sundae?

I Jssalon Van der Poel

Genoeg keuze bij Van der Poel


In addition to the best pastas, Punto Pasta also has an ice cream counter called punto GELATO. You can enjoy delicious Italian ice cream, an ice-cold milkshake or an ice cream sundae on their city terrace.

IJssalon Heinink

Ijssalon Heinink is the perfect place to cool down. You can easily walk past it for a cone in the hand or for a delicious ice cream sundae. You can even go there for a workshop or ice cream buffet!

Gelato Dolce Vita

Gelato Dolce Vita is the ideal place for you to cool off. Take a seat on their cozy covered terrace in the Klanderij and enjoy their delicious traditionally prepared ice cream.

Dolce Vita

IJs eten bij Gelato Dolce Vita

Ijssalon de Singel

Ijssalon de Singel has been a real name in Enschede for more than 30 years. The ice cream is made according to their own recipe and that gives a unique taste. Are you more in the mood for a cone or a delicious ice cream sundae?


Busy shopping and on your way to the next store? Then stop by Jamin for a scoop of ice cream or maybe one of their other delicacies.