Will you design the Enschede facemask?

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Ellis Middelkamp

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Discover Enschede

Facemasks have become part of our new society. We often see that single-use facemasks are being used. Very practical, but not really sustainable and fashionable. That's why we announce the new Enschede facemask! Soon, you can be a proud Enschedeër wearing an Enschede facemask!

Enschede facemask

Enschede is filled with creative citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations. We would love to use that expertise! That's why we ask you to design the most fun/beautiful facemask for Enschede.

Design thé Enschede facemask
We would love to see a design that is typical Enschede. A design that shows where Enschede stands for and how Enschede is.

From all submissios, we will select three designs. These will be shared through the Uit in Enschede Facebookpage and everyone can vote for their favourite design. After one week, the winner will be announced.

Send in your design before November 29th by email ([email protected]). Maybe you will find your design in stores soon!

Download the PDF template
Below you can find the PDF template. Do you prefer an InDesign format? Send us an email.

Selling the facemasks
Enschede Promotie is the initiator of the Enschede facemask, and we are a non-profit organization. The facemasks will be sold by local entrepreneurs in Enschede. The profit will fully be granted to local entrepreneurs.

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