Practical information

Enschede is a real shopping city with a lot to offer. But how do you find the nearest supermarket and how do you get around the city? On this page we will provide all the information you need about shopping, supermarkets, cycling and public transportation.


Enschede has a great offer in different sizes of shops and boutiques. From the well-known chains as Zara, H&M and HEMA, up to the small-scaled entrepreneurs who sell local products. The H.J. van Heekplein is the centre of the shopping area and the biggest square of Enschede. Right below the square is an underground parking garage.

Twice a week (on Tuesday and Saturday), there is a market attracting many locals and visitors from Germany or the rest of the Netherlands. On the market, dozens of merchants praise their products, which vary from fresh food to flowers, fabrics, perfume to clothing. Every Saturday, 60.000 people find their way to the market at the H.J. van Heekplein.

All stores in the city centre are open 7 days a week, from Monday to Sunday. Regular opening hours are from 09:00 am - 18:00 pm with some exceptions. On Monday, most stores open at 11:00 am. On Thursday evening, stores are open until 21:00 pm. Finally, every Sunday, stores are open from 12:00 pm - 17:00 pm.

Did you know that you receive discounts with your Study in Enschede discount card at some stores in the city center, like at WE fashion, Studio Spitsbaard and WAAR!


The easiest way to get around in the Netherlands, and therefore also in Enschede, is by bike.

Many students own a bycyle or rent one through Swapfiets. If you are looking to buy a bike, it is easiest to use Marktplaats or to visit one of the local bike shops. Marktplaats is a website open for everyone to put advertisments on to sell goods; this can be anything. The rental system of Swapfiets is a subscription which includes repairs and maintenance and can be terminated monthly. At FLOW twente, a shared bike concept is offered. You take a look at your smartphone where the bike is available, you use it and park it again at your end station. You will pay for the time you have used it and the bike is open again for the next one. Finally, you can use the OV bicycle service offered at the central train station of Enschede. As long as you have a public tranportation card (OV kaart), you can use this service starting and ending from the trainstation for a small fee.

Do you need to fix your bike? Visit one of the many repair shops in Enschede.

There are six guarded bicycle storages in Enschede, of which most are free to use: Stationsstalling Noord (24/7), Stationsterrein West (24/7), Stationsstalling Centraal Station, Stalling Van Heekplein, Fietsenstalling Brammelerstraat (24/7) and Fietsenstalling Wilminkplein (24/7).

Did you know that the Municipality of Enschede developed a "Enschede cycles" app? To stimulate the people of Enschede to ride a bike, you will be rewarded for every bike ride you make. The points can be exchanged for discount at local stores! Win-win right? Download the app here.

Public Transportation

Enschede has four train stations: Enschede Central Station, Kennispark (near the University of Twente), Enschede Eschmarke and Glanerbrug. Enschede Central Station is connected to Germany and other major cities in the Netherlands. You can find travel information for trains at the Nationale Spoorwegen (trains in the Netherlands), the Deutsche Bahn (trains in Germany) or 9292 (general travel information for all public transportation).

Buses in Enschede run within the city and to other neighbouring towns and cities. All buses are adjusted to travelers with fysical limitations. You can find travel information for buses at 9292 or Twents.