Simon de Wit, aka Blanks, is coming to Enschede! This Dutch upcoming artist is working hard to build his career, that he started in his home studio in Groningen, up in the north of the Netherlands. His catchy pop songs are played globally, from dressing rooms to restaurants and radio stations. Without help from a big record label, but all his own community and fan base. With over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, over 250K followers on Instagram and over 300K followers on TikTok, Blanks is slowly getting to the top of the music industry! He released his debut album 'Nothing Lasts Forever And That's OK' in October 2021, which was received very well by the international audience.

Bedroom producer
Blanks started making vlogs and was a music producer at a young age from his bedroom. The musical whizzkid covers excitement on your timeline, through your speakers and on stage! He became famous after he took on Post Malone's hit 'Better Now' and made a cover of the song in 80s style in his YouTube serie 'Styleswap', which received over 20 million views. With his other YouTube series, like 'One Hour Song Challenge' and 'Story Sessions', he built up his own big online fan base. Other than this, he was seen on 'Beste Zangers' and he was the first guest on 'POP22', both aired on Dutch television.

This is a night you don't want to miss! Get your tickets now!



Metropool Enschede

Willem Wilminkplein 2

7511 PG , Enschede

Entry €22.25


Date & time

Fri. 24 Mar 2023

From 20:30

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