De Vlinderfabriek

Throughout the summer you will be face to face with eating caterpillars and many fluttering butterflies. Many different native and tropical species can be seen. The caterpillar specialists present will tell you all about this.

You will also marvel at the colourful butterfly collection that De Museumfabriek has to offer during De Vlinderfabriek. This collection is large and diverse and comes from the depot especially for this period. It gives you the opportunity to see butterflies up close. Experts are often present to talk about preparing the butterflies with their thin and fragile wings, and films are shown.

Museumfabriek Vlinderfabriek


De Museumfabriek

Het Rozendaal 11

7523 XG , Enschede

Entree 4 t/m 17 jaar €10


Date & time

Sat. 9 Jul 2022

From 11:00 until 17:00

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