Campus Café: Future Forecast (online edition)

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What will the future bring when we talk about the Digital Transition and the latest technologies? And what does that mean for you as a company, student or professional? In this 'one-not-to-miss' Future Forecast edition of Campus Café, visionary forecasters tell you in a nutshell what breakthroughs the near future will bring us, which challenges still have to be overcome and what you have to do today to be on the front row the next few years. Digital pro's from the Freedom Lab, a leading scientist of the University of Twente and an innovative entrepreneur at Kennispark will take you through the ins and outs of the Digital Transition, Integrated Photonics and its application to various sectors.


15:30 | Digital transition: 8 building blocks on the way to 2030

16:00 | World of Photonics in 2022



Date & time

Thu. 20 Jan 2022

From 15:30 until 17:30

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