De Sluwe Vos + Sjamsoedin

De Sluwe Vos (01.30-4.00)

De Sluwe Vos has worked like crazy to become one of the most popular DJ's in the international dance scene. His sets are always on fleek and that's appreciated!
De Sluwe Vos has been on festivals such as Fuse (Brussels), DGTL (Barcelona), Awakenings (Manchester), Glastonbury, Pukkelpop, Down The Rabbit Hole and Lowlands.
You are sure for some raw house and techno when De Sluwe Vos enters the stage!

Sjamsoedin (23.00-01.30)

As long as music comes out, Sjamsoedin experiments with everything possible since 1999. He has even built his own modular synthesizer!!! His sets are eclectic and good to dance on.


Metropool Enschede

Willem Wilminkplein 2

7511 PG, Enschede

Entree €16.75


Date & time

Fri. 18 Sep 2020

From 22:00 until 03:04

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