De Vaandeldrager


De Vaandeldrager (1636) is one of Rembrandt's absolute masterpieces. It is one of the first paintings that Rembrandt painted after he had established himself in Amsterdam as an independent artist. Thanks to a unique collaboration of twelve museums, De Vaandeldrager will travel through the twelve provinces of the Netherlands in the coming year. For Overijssel, Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the museum that is allowed to exhibit De Vaandeldrager. In December 2022 you can therefore view this masterpiece in Enschede for three weeks. An extensive public program is being organized in the museum around the arrival of this special work. You will find this information on this page.

Free entrance
On Saturday 3 December, the museum is free for everyone. It is necessary to reserve a time slot. Click here for more information about this free day.

Masterpiece by Rembrandt
De Vaandeldrager is one of Rembrandt's absolute masterpieces and is inextricably linked to the history of the Netherlands. Standard bearers led the troops in the Eighty Years' War, which led to the birth of the Netherlands. In this large self-portrait, Rembrandt paints himself rebellious and bravura. It was his artistic breakthrough that would lead to De Nachtwacht. Rembrandt was thirty years old when he painted De Vaandeldrager. He has painted himself here in the most beautiful historical clothing.

De Vaandeldrager


Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Lasondersingel 129-131

7514BP , Enschede


Date & time

Fri. 2 Dec 2022

From 10:00

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