Enschede Marathon

The Enschede Marathon is the oldest marathon in the Netherlands and Western Europe. At the first edition, in July 1947, 51 runners took part in the competition. Today, nearly 11,000 participants participate and the number is still growing.

Enschede Marathon
The course is known for being very fast and, together with Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, is in the top of marathons in the Netherlands. Every year, around 80,000 loyal spectators cheer along the course. Traditionally, about 950 enthusiastic and committed volunteers help to make the day a success. Due to their many years of experience, the volunteers of Enschede Marathon are indispensable for organizing a very successful and successful event. This year Enschede Marathon exists 75 years, which means it is time for a party!

Which RUN are you doing?
Demcon Marathon: 42.195 km
Movella Half Marathon: 21 km
ROSEN CityRUN: 10 km
Univé FitRUN: 5 km
Elektramat CompanyRUN
Humankind KidsRUN: 1 km

Twee van Enschede
Have you always wanted to participate in the Enschede Marathon, but was running not quite successful? Then there is good news, because there is now De Twee van Enschede! De Twee van Enschede is a super cozy, accessible and recreational course of two English Miles (3.2 km) in the heart of Enschede's center on the Oude Markt. How nice is that?

De Twee van Enschede is an accessible run for everyone who wants to participate. Everyone at his or her level, so everything is allowed except running! Participation is also possible with a bed, wheelchair or with a scooter (the course must be suitable for this). You experience something beautiful together and you make memories. You achieve a goal and that is to reach the finish. It is not focused on performance.

De Twee van Enschede will take place on Saturday 23 April. The start is at 19:00 on the Oude Markt and you finish there as well. A start number only costs €5 and gives you a beautiful medal and of course the experience. More information about the Twee van Enschede can be found here.

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H.J. van Heekplein

H.J. van Heekplein

, Enschede


Date & time

Sun. 24 Apr 2022

From 10:00 until 17:00

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