Enschede Marathon

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The 5k & 10 k RUN in Enschede
In the spring of 2021, different test events are organized and supported by the Dutch government, called Fieldlab Events.
The purpose of this is to research the behavior of visitors. And to measures that allow larger groups of people to come together in a safer and responsible manner. Fieldlab Events has received government permission for upscaling tests with a higher visitor capacity. The new series of practical studies must meet various criteria, such as upscaling, broadening and deepening.

We have been asked to organize a 5 k & 10 k RUN for 5,000 participants on May 16.
And you can be there!

We believe it is important to contribute to the reopening of society as soon as possible without measures and without tests. We expect that the results of the scientifically substantiated research will contribute directly to this. Divided over the day, 4 starting shots will be sounded for a total of 5,000 participants who will run 5 or 10 kilometers over the closed-off Evenemententerrein Vliegveld Twenthe without audience.

On May 16 at 4 p.m. a 5 and 10 km RUN will be organized on the site of Twenthe Airport. You can only participate with a negative corona test. No RIVM measures and enjoy a beer together afterwards. There are several starting options.


PAY ATTENTION! When you register with an email address ending with @student.saxion.nl or @student.utwente.nl, € 4.50 will automatically be deducted from the price.

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Date & time

Sun. 15 May 2022

From 10:00 until 17:00

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