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Nano challenge method

The method used by the EnschedeLAB every quartile is that of the nano challenge. We offer a four-day program, based on the Design Thinking approach of the DesignLab (University of Twente). In this program (in connection with Corona measures) there is room for a total of thirty students from the participating institutions, who work in mixed teams .

The nano challenge is structured as follows. On day 1 we form those teams and we become familiar with the issue at hand. On day 2 we delve into the issue and those involved, to arrive at ideas, concepts and possible solutions on the third day. We will shape this and present it on the fourth day. In between, we offer in-depth knowledge, we consider team formation and cooperation and we reflect on the working method.

Open to all students in Enschede

Nano Challenges are open for registration for all students in Enschede, no matter at which institution you study!

Theme of nano challenge 3

“Blik van de Weg”: The Municipality of Enschede wants to improve the quality of life in the city by reducing the amount of parking spaces in the city. Especially in the tight and busy inner streets in the center. A number of temporary solutions, such as removable decking boards, can already be installed during the transition period. The challenge is to find and develop new functions. Examples are the provision of bicycle racks, terraces, playgrounds or charging stations, etc.

In order to increase the quality of life in Enschede, we want to close parking spaces in the center. The public space could then be used more for greenery, climate adaptation or recreation. In the intermediate phase we cannot immediately remove the parking spaces, but we can use them temporarily differently. The assignment is to come up with a flexible temporary (mobility) solution that we can apply to the space of a parking space.

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Thu. 18 Feb 2021

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