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Nano challenge method

The method used by the EnschedeLAB every quartile is that of the nano challenge. We offer a four-day program, based on the Design Thinking approach of the DesignLab (University of Twente). In this program (in connection with Corona measures) there is room for a total of thirty students from the participating institutions, who work in mixed teams .

The nano challenge is structured as follows. On day 1 we form those teams and we become familiar with the issue at hand. On day 2 we delve into the issue and those involved, to arrive at ideas, concepts and possible solutions on the third day. We will shape this and present it on the fourth day. In between, we offer in-depth knowledge, we consider team formation and cooperation and we reflect on the working method.

Open to all students in Enschede

Nano Challenges are open for registration for all students in Enschede, no matter at which institution you study!

Nano Challenge IV: Operation Clean

"How do we avoid generating so much waste in our operating room?"

The question is what Medisch Spectrum Twente is struggling with, as part of their desire to make the hospital more sustainable. A beautiful, exciting and relevant question - which is central to the next nano challenge that we at EnschedeLAB are organizing in the fourth quartile.

During four half-days (spread over four weeks), participating students work together on this issue, using the Responsible Futuring method that we have now gained three experience with. We do this bilingually, to make the program also accessible to foreign students. In this blog post you will find the program from the past times, both in image and text.

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Fri. 24 Sep 2021

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