Folkland 2023

Where every folkfan feels right at home!

Folk fans of all countries unite! Where? At Folkland of course! A one-day festival with lots of folk, good people and good food and drinks! During Folkland we transform Metropool into a green oasis in which the fiddle and the bagpipes are just as important as the guitar and the drums. In addition to music that originates in Ireland and Scotland, you can quench your thirst with beer and soft drinks, but we also provide a number of typical other drinks that you associate with the Scottish Highlands or the Irish green meadows.

Stop looking for four-leaf clovers and find your luck in Enschede where you can at least enjoy performances by Mr Irish Bastard, Scrum, Saint City Orchestra and MoNoMaN oNeMaNbaNd!

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Metropool Enschede

Willem Wilminkplein 2

7511 PG , Enschede

Entree €35


Date & time

Sat. 14 Jan 2023

From 18:00

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