From Houdini to Copperfield (Try-Out)


An unforgettable theatre adventure at the highest level!
The show is suitable for everyone above 12 years old. There is Dutch language included in the show.

The audience will experience an unique mix of magic, illusion and even experiments with somebody else's mind. Rob and Emiel are back to their roots with this show.

Can they really read minds? Is that person really floating? Experience the feeling of the impossible. What is not possible to happen, happens here. Rob and Emiel were mentioned as the best mentalists in the world. They are representing the Netherlands again at the World Championships Magic 2021 in Canada.


Concordia Film - Theater

Oude Markt 15

7511GA, Enschede

Entree €17.5


Date & time

Fri. 18 Sep 2020

From 20:30 until 23:00

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