GOGBOT festival

GOGBOT festival is a multi-day festival around multimedia, art, music and technology. Every year since 2004, the festival has transformed the center of Enschede into a futuristic audiovisual happening! GOGBOT's mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, the most visionary and the most avant-garde artists active today. It examines the latest technological developments and calls for reflection, debate and a critical attitude towards our living environment. This multi-day festival around multimedia, art, music and technology is organized by PLANETART

GOGBOT conference

An increasing group of young artists and designers are exploring the world of bio art and design, in which science and art merge. These artists and designers are looking to the future and wondering what these technologies will bring us.

Gogbot 2021 Enschede 3 kleiner


Entrance fee €10


Date & time

Thu. 8 Sep 2022

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