GOGBOT festival

GOGBOT festival is a multi-day event for multimedia, art, music and technology. The city centre of Enschede transforms into a futuristic audiovisual happening every year since 2004! GOGBOT's mission is to be an inspiring platform for the most avant-garde and unique artists of today. It researches the newest technological developments and calls for reflection, debate and a critical view on this world. This multi-day event is organized by PLANETART.

Quantum Supremacy (in the Age of Pandemic)

This year GOGBOT presents another mind-blowing, controversial, but extremely urgent theme: Quantum Supremacy (in the age of Pandemic). Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM are competing to build the first quantum computer: a 'supercomputer' expected to be a staggering one billion times faster than today's best computer! What will the quantum future hold?


Oude Markt

Oude Markt 1

7511 GA, Enschede

Entrance fee €0


Date & time

Thu. 10 Sep 2020

From 13:37 until 13:37

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