Heal Royale: Hybrid Symposium Dinner


With the theme Heal Royale, The Overkill Festival examines the way in which technology and digital worlds provide space for online expression and a healthy life. In a time of global crises, uncertainty and a constant flow of information, can we find space for individual well-being? Can virtual experiences connect with our senses? And what significance does this have for the way we experience digital worlds? In this symposium we are inspired by the pleasure of food and the many sensations that food can offer. We use eating rituals to discover new ways to deal with our hybrid reality.

Program Hybrid Symposium Dinner on 2 November:

Cooking show: 17.00-19.00 online or via the stream: The first part is an online cooking show. While the speakers cook a recipe, they share their research. You can follow the cooking show online and participate in the cooking or follow it via the live stream.

Hybrid dinner: 19.30-22.00 online or in gas station or via the stream: The second part is the Hybrid Dinner. The physically present dinner guests take care of the online guests so that a collective and connecting experience is created. A question is linked to each course to which the online guests can respond via Mentimeter. For example, the platform is used as a connection between all participants.

VR Metaphysical tasting Sophia Bulgakova 2 648x450


TANKSTATION cultureel vulpunt

Deurningerstraat 28

, Enschede


Date & time

Wed. 2 Nov 2022

From 17:00

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