Language FREE Song Writing


Frank Blueka's specialty is reducing rock songs to their essence. A rock poet, relaxed and effective. In theaters embedded in a visual story, at festivals and in bars with a recognizable sound. Surprising, exciting and always that warm voice, which makes the audience stand still and makes them curious... Soulful, with influences from rock, blues, Irish influences and worldwide folk.

Through his music and approach Frank lets you experience interactively how his sounds and songs originate from different sounds and language-free thinking. Also that sound differences between languages in the same song can lead to very different stories. Book your ticket now!

                Frank Blueka


De Vrijhof

De Veldmaat 5

7522 NM , Enschede

Students €5


Date & time

Wed. 26 Oct 2022

From 20:00 until 21:30

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