Leaving Trumpland - Greg Shapiro


Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, BNR, Comedy Central) is back! The voice of the "Netherlands Second" video ("Sunday with Lubach") is ready for 2020 with a Trump election special; the election conference - Donald J. Trump: The J is for Genius.

Will Trump win in 2020? Or will he declare his loss as a great victory? In "Leaving Trumpland" we find out how to leave Trump behind. But - if Trump wins - Shapiro will first offer his congratulations to the real winner: Vladimir Putin.

Then it gets personal for Shapiro. If Trump wins, is it time to give up his US passport? And his children's passports? His daughter recently applied for her right to vote, with the result that her Dutch bank canceled her account because she is American. "Leaving Trumpland" will also be an ode to the Netherlands - a country that is now closer to the ideal America than Trump's America.


De Vrijhof

De Veldmaat 5

7522 NM, Enschede

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Date & time

Mon. 19 Oct 2020

From 19:30 until 21:00

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