Blue Mondays, broken good intentions, inclement drizzle weather. No, the end of January is not exactly the happiest time of the year. So MIAUW changes that in a beastly way. They open the kick-off of mischief in all colors of the Rainbow-2023 again with a size more, and therefore in the main hall of Metropool!

But what exactly is the purpose of this celebration? Well. MIAUW makes sure that room looks pico bello with some nice music and a can of drag queens and other performers. Realm! If you then bring your best look, vibe and moves, it will be a legendary night. Multiply this by a few hundred and voilà: a fab feline freak show to lick your paws off! Good deal right?

18+ | Until 05:00

Miauw web 1920x1080


Metropool Enschede

Willem Wilminkplein 2

7511 PG , Enschede

Entree €14.25


Date & time

Fri. 20 Jan 2023

From 23:00 until 05:00

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