Pasar Malam Asia


Stroll around the Asian market (over 80 stands!), with unqiue items from parts all over the world, including medium- and massagestands.

Wonderful smells invites you to try and taste from the exotic food-stands. From oriental meals and snacks to exotic drinks, ice-cream and fruits.

Enjoy the swinging live music and beautiful dance shows from Indonesia, Tahiti and Hawaii. Look at the lovely decorations and face the imposing decor of the temple, where the twinkling starry sky and flashy show lighting will enchant you.

Experience, taste and see the cultural richdom at Pasar Malam Asia. Will you be there?



Vliegveld Twenthe Evenementenlocatie

Vliegveldweg 345

7524PT , Enschede

Entrance €8.5


Date & time

Fri. 30 Sep 2022

From 13:00 until 22:30

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