Playbour City Engines

Playbour City Engines


Playbour City Engines is a digital interactive playground created by designer duo The Rodina. In this virtual game environment you experience how work and play merge. Fascinated by the virtual city as a playground - as a result of automation, gamification and data collection - The Rodina focuses on the transformation of (online) public spaces into play locations. What used to be completely outside the boundaries of work - such as leisure time and family time - is used instrumentally by various digital platforms. If we consider cities as ecologies that are increasingly dependent on online communication and automation, all citizens are slowly transformed into playful workers producing information, data and images. Due to this fundamental shift in the role of residents, the city is transformed into a network of various sensors, technologies and underlying infrastructures.

For the exhibition, which is completely online, The Rodina created an interactive virtual playground on behalf of Tetem. The public can easily experience the exhibition and the 3D spaces without having to install additional programs on the computer. Multiple users can "walk in" and play and interact with each other in the Playbour City Engines digital playground. Various chapters will be launched during the exhibition period:

Chapter I: June 2020 - Launch with Transaction Party in collaboration with Yessica Deira
Chapter II: September 2020 - Fetch and Hide: unwrapping entertaining technology, in collaboration with School of Speculation, London
Chapter III: November 2020 - Action to Ground: Transforming Desires
Chapter IV: February 2021 - Surprise and Adventure: When Reality Becomes like a game




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Fri. 1 Jan 2021

From 00:01 until 23:59

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