Playbour City Engines


The boundaries between work and leisure are blurring and are increasingly merging. We are increasingly connected in a multi-internet reality. This twilight zone between work and play is called "playbour". We have all become players in this online game. What happens to the game and the playing field in an environment in which our behavior continuously produces data and in which the interaction between ourselves and the city has become digital and even virtual?

Playbour City Engines is a digital interactive playground created by designer duo The Rodina. In this virtual game environment you experience how work and play merge. Fascinated by the virtual city as a playground - as a result of automation, gamification and data collection - The Rodina focuses on the transformation of (online) public spaces into play locations. What used to be completely outside the boundaries of work - such as leisure time and family time - is used instrumentally by various digital platforms. If we consider cities as ecologies that are increasingly dependent on online communication and automation, then all citizens are slowly transformed into playing workers producing information, data and images. Due to this fundamental shift in the role of residents, the city is transformed into a network of various sensors, technologies and underlying infrastructures.



Date & time

Fri. 4 Sep 2020

From 13:37 until 13:37

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