PopCollegeTour 2023


PopCollegeTour comes to Enschede with local Maartje as headliner! On March 22nd, the most talented talents from various conservatories play at Metropool to showcase their music. Students from Haarlem, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Enschede, Amsterdam and Utrecht play their own music in front of their own audience, but also do they play outside their own region and city to get more fame! Maartje, student from ArtEZ conservatory, plays in front of her own crowd this evening! Next to Maartje, acts that complete the line-up are: Flor, NORE, Dutch Coast, Kaya and Citrus Blossom. Every act plays twenty minutes to take the crowd on a journey full of different vibes.

Prepare for a night with a lot of energetic performances!



Metropool Enschede

Willem Wilminkplein 2

7511 PG , Enschede

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Date & time

Wed. 22 Mar 2023

From 19:30

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