On the 26th of may, the second edition of Queerdoh takes place in the most upperground underground location of Enschede - Sickhouse! With people like Foxy Fahrenheit, Glttr Gddss and Robin Lemont, this edition will be another banger one.

Queerdoh originated from a feeling that something was missing in the city; a safe space where people can be and feel themselves without being scared of discrimination, racism, homo- and transfobia. A place where you can display your creativity without being looked down upon. Where you can play queer computer games, dance to the tunes of amazing DJ’s and performers, and where you can enthusiastically go wild on the colourful clay creation station.

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Queerdoh Sickhouse Enschede



Stationsplein 1a

7511JD , Enschede

Fee €6.66


Date & time

Fri. 26 May 2023

From 19:00 until 02:00

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