Spot the blue dot


It's getting wetter, it's getting warmer, it's getting drier and the sea level is rising. Spot the blue dot is an artwork about climate change as a hyperobject, developed by the artist duo Kunstconstructie on behalf of Tetem. With this virtual work of art we can explore our influence on the world and the climate.

Within 'Spot the blue dot', the public is part of the virtual work. With the cursor you change the worlds that you see. In this way you determine how far you want to go to gain an overview in a world that seems clear, but is not. Doing nothing will stop you from progressing. With the cursor you have to work to find the "blue dot" that takes you to the next world, in order to be able to view the entire work.



Stroinksbleekweg 16

7523 ZL, Enschede

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Date & time

Thu. 13 Aug 2020

From 18:24 until 18:24

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