Studium Generale: James Webb Space Telescope


At approximately 1,5 million kilometers from Earth the James Webb Space Telescope orbits the Sun. From there it tries to capture light from the very first galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang, as well as from planets orbiting other stars. What will JWST reveal about the evolution of our universe? And could it perhaps also discover extraterrestrial life? Science journalist Govert Schilling will tell you all about this exciting astronomical project: from the calibration of its eighteen mirror segments to the stunning images this telescope produces. In cooperation with Space Association Twente, KIVI Students Twente and Arago.

Studium Generale


De Vrijhof

De Veldmaat 5

7522 NM , Enschede

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Date & time

Tue. 11 Oct 2022

From 19:30 until 21:00

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