Theater On Tour

This cycling tour is organized by Concordia and Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede. This year there are again two routes that can be cycled, each with several starting times.

This year they have a south and a west route. Both routes will start in the festival heart, the Volkspark, and will be approximately 20 kilometers long. The first acts can already be admired in the festival heart before the cycling tour starts. You also end the bike ride in the festival heart where the latest acts can also be admired and you can still enjoy a drink.

Theater on Tour Enschede 2259 1550588512 35hxctf6a3


Concordia Langestraat

Langestraat 56

7511HC , Enschede

Date & time

Sat. 16 Sep 2023

From 11:00

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