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If the woman doesn't return, the man goes looking and steps into the magician's magical world. He does everything he can to find his lost lover. During his search, he finds himself in a surreal maze, where his wife appears to be held captive. He ends up in a chaos in which illusion and reality intertwine and nothing is what it seems. Furniture and people, everything and everyone has a double bottom. Is this manipulation or magic? And in whose reality have we actually ended up?

In "Vielfalt", Ahlbom shows the inner world of a man who has lost his wife. In his search for the true facts, he finds himself in a world where roles turn out to be reversible, where women multiply and disappear and where the man seeks and becomes the magician. "Vielfalt" is about desire and fantasy, about illusion and disillusionment. It is a story about love and an ode to theatrical fantasy. As in a surreal film, the audience is transported in dancing duets, comic acts, magic tricks and pure slapstick.

"Vielfalt" marked Ahlbom's breakthrough to a wide audience. The performance was sold out night after night and was selected for the Dutch Theater Festival 2007. "Vielfalt" played more than eighty performances in the Netherlands and often abroad.



Wilminktheater en Muziekcentrum Enschede

Wenninkgaarde 40-42

7511 PH, Enschede

Entree €26


Date & time

Wed. 14 Oct 2020

From 20:00 until 06:50

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