Discover Enschede

Here you will find some frequently asked questions about discovering Enschede and the corresponding answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

What is there to see and do in Enschede?

There is plenty to see and do in Enschede. Of course, your student days will not be filled only with studying and going out. There is much more to discover in the city of Enschede. Check out this page to discover what you can see or do on your day off.

Is there an overview of all the events?

Yes there is! Take a look at our agenda and you will find an overview of all upcoming activities and events.

Where can I go for food and drinks?

Enschede has many restaurants and bars to offer. Most restaurants you will find in the city centre, around the Oude Markt. When you want to eat a "daghap", which is a meal of the day, you can sometimes have a menu for less than 10 euro. In this blog, you can read which promotions are available in Enschede. To read more about food and drinks, go to this page.

Which museums are there in Enschede?

Enschede has a number of impressive museums. In the Roombeek district you can visit three different museums: Rijksmuseum Twenthe, TETEM and De Museumfabriek.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe offers a broad collection from the Middle Ages to the present, including some big names. TETEM is a research and presentation platform focused on the digital and maker culture. The Museum Factory is a museum about nature and technology, art and science, birds, flowers, fossils, machines and about old and new things.

Is there a map of the city center?

Yes. A printable map of the city center can be found here or you can pick it up at the Tourist Info Point on Langestraat.

Where can I find a map of the entire city of Enschede?

Unfortunately we don't have a map of Enschede. The best place to start is at ANWB Enschede. The ANWB is located at Burgemeester Edo Bergsmalaan 1a (near H.J. van Heekplein)

Where can I read more about Enschede?

Do you want to read more about the city? We create blogposts on a regular basis for you, to tell you everything about the most fun things to do in Enschede. Check out our blogs specifically created for students.