Here you will find some frequently asked questions about transporting yourself in Enschede and the corresponding answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

How many train stations does Enschede have?

Enschede has three train stations: Enschede Central Station, Kennispark (near Twente University) and Enschede Eschmarke. From Enschede Central you can take a train to Germany and to other cities in the Netherlands. For travel information go to the website of National Railways, 9292 or Deutsche Bahn.

Are there any public buses in Enschede?

Yes, there are public buses in Enschede. The buses in Enschede operate in the city and to surrounding villages and towns. All buses are adapted to physical disabilities. You can find travel information of the buses on 9292 or Twents.

Where can I purchase a bicycle?

There are several ways to purchase a bicycle. In Enschede, the bicycle is the easiest way of transportation. Most students rent a bicycle from Swapfiets. At Swapfiets, you subscribe and pay a monthly fee that includes repairs and maintenance of the bicycle. This subscription can be cancelled monthly.

Where can I rent a scooter or bike?

Enschede has many providers of shared bikes and shared scooters. View the page with current bicycle and scooter rentals in Enschede here.

Where can I get my bike repaired?

Enschede has several locations where you can get your bike repaired. Do you need to get your bicycle repaired? Then you can go to one of the bicycle repairers in Enschede.

Where are the supervised bicycle parking facilities?

There are six supervised bicycle parking facilities in Enschede, almost all of them free to use: Stationsstalling Noord (24/7), Stationsterrein West (24/7), Stationsstalling Centraal Station, Stalling Van Heekplein, Fietsenstalling Brammelerstraat (24/7) and Fietsenstalling Wilminkplein (24/7).