Public Transport

Accessibility Enschede by train

Enschede has four train stations. Besides Enschede Centraal, there are the stations Kennispark ( close to the University of Twente), Enschede Eschmarke and Glanerbrug. Enschede Centraal is easy to reach by multiple train connections, not only from The Netherlands, but also from Germany. Every day trains are leaving from Enschede to go to Münster and Osnabrück.

Travel information can be found on: (Nederlandse Spoorwegen= Dutch Railways) (door to door travel information, bus and train) (Deutsche Bahn)


Accessibility Enschede by bus

Enschede is easy to reach by bus and within the city you can travel anywhere by bus. The buses are fast and reliable. The city centre and the various districts are also easy to reach. Buses pass frequently on the bus lanes, 6 to 8 times an hour at rush hours and on some lanes even up to 14 times an hour by bundling bus lines. This means you can walk to a bus stop any minute and a bus will come and pick you up in no time!

Thanks to their low floors, the buses are accessible to all inhabitants of Enschede. The buses also have a manually operated wheelchair ramp at the back door. Line 7 in Enschede has an electric wheelchair ramp that travellers can operate themselves. The colours in the bus are completely adapted to the needs of travellers who are visually handicapped.

  • The concession contract for Twente (which Enschede is part of) is managed by Regio Twente.
  • In Enschede you can travel with an OV-chipcard.
  • Transport by bus is provided by Twents, Arriva and Syntus.