Student housing

A lot of students are going to live in rented rooms in Enschede in order to experience the real student life. Most students rent a room because they want to live on their own and because it is cosy. Other advantages are that travelling time is limited (no matter where you live) and of course the fact that you don’t have to miss out on the various aspects of student life.

Are you interested in living in Enschede?

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Looking for a room to live in? In Enschede there is plenty of space so you will soon find a room to your liking. Another advantage in comparison to other student cities is the price. You will find a relatively large room for a small amount of money. There are several possibilities to live on your own in Enschede. You can choose to live in a student residence or in a self-contained house and you can choose between living on the University Campus or in the town centre. One thing is certain, your student life in Enschede will be unforgettable and there is a possibility that you may never leave…