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Conservatory | ArtEZ University of the Arts

The conservatory in Enschede educates adventurous professionals, who are standing at the center of their lives and are willing to walk across borders. Important elements for becoming a professional at the ArtEZ conservatory are innovation, authenticity, personal attention, musical craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

What are you dreams?

ArtEZ is a University of the Arts with locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. ArtEZ educates students to become professionals where arts, knowledge and creativity are part of.

Do you want ot become a musician, teacher, music producer, film/game comporser, electronic artist, cultural entrepreneur or music therapist? Then ArtEZ Conservatory would be a good match. The conservatory educates adventurous professionals, standing in the middle of life and not scared to step accross borders. Keywords that mark ArtEZ conservatory are innovation, authenticity, personal attention, musicianship and entrepreneurship.

The ArtEZ Conservatory is located in the city centre, close to anything you need as a student! Next to that, the university has acces to the Nationaal Muziekkwartier next door for shows and performances.

Read more about the study programmes here.

Studying across borders

Not only do you have limitless possibilites in the Netherlands, the ArtEZ Academy of Music also collaborates with conservatories outside the country! These collaborations are focused on joint projects, festival, exchanges between lecturers and students and the quality of music education itself.
Always dreamed of studying abroad? There are Erasmus partners in Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and even more.