The City

Enschede has a varied offer of pubs and restaurants at and around the Oude Market (Old Market Square), the largest terrace in the region. Every year more than 60 events are organised in the city.


In summer for example, you have the Grolsch Summer Sounds; lovely Tuesday summer evenings full of music, show and  a pleasant atmosphere. At the beginning of each college year there is the Introduction concert, a free event where you can toast with thousands of fellow students on the new college year. Then there is also GOGBOT, the largest multimedia art festival in The Netherlands. It is held in Enschede every year. Of course you will find lots of restaurants, pubs, student clubs and nightlife spots in the city, which  makes Enschede very popular with students- especially on Thursday, the traditional students night. Enschede offers a lot in the cultural field as well: there are several theatres, cinemas, (pop)stages, museums and galleries to stimulate your senses.


The ‘uitagenda’ (events calendar) and all further information about going out in Enschede can be found on