Whether you want to be lounging or go completely out of your mind, you will find your favourite pub in no time. Nightlife in Enschede is very nice and diverse. There are a lot of pubs and different clubs where you can have a great time late into the night, from Thursday to Saturday!


Nightlife in Enschede

Many students in Enschede visit Aspen Valley on Thursday night. It is a (dance)pub with an après ski interior. Aspen Valley is popular because of its rotating bar, cheap beer and wine and the many theme parties. Various student associations like to throw a party at Aspen. If you want to taste a special beer, then visit the Beiaard. With over 60 beers from the tap and about 50 bottled beers they will have the perfect beer for you. But there are more places to enjoy nightlife.


Nightlife in Enschede for students

The most popular clubs and pubs for students are:

The pubquiz is also very popular in Enschede. You can participate in a quiz at multiple pubs at the Oude Markt. Hidden under the Oude Markt, in a former public toilet, is student pub ‘t Gat in de Markt, where you can stay late into the night.


Events in Enschede

As you would expect of a student city, Enschede buzzes with events. Enschede is also the place where you celebrate the largest Oranjefeest (Orange party) of the Eastern part of the Netherlands. On King’s Night it is always very cosy and busy in the centre of the city. Absolutely Fresh organises the Kingsnight Festival on the grounds of the University of Twente. They also organise the ultimate dance party of the year: Freshtival. At the unique location called Het Rutbeek, you can dance with your feet in the sand during Pentecost. By the end of August it is time for the annual introduction concert at the Oude Markt. In February there is the StukaFest; a festival where student rooms are turned into mini theatres.


For sports lovers there is the Batavierenrace, the world’s biggest relay for students, Military Boekelo-Enschede, the internationally famous horse event, and the Enschede Marathon, the oldest marathon in The Netherlands.